Item Code: WS-BRND24

The Watershed Mini Simmons, is a modern take on the increasingly popular Mini Simmons which is inspired by Bob Simmons original 50's design. This short, wide template is a regular sight in many lineups. Tweaked for today whilst holding onto it's width and thickness, we have introduced a quad fin setup and at times even a single fin box. The quad gives the Simmons speed and performance while a single fin box provides almost endless options. Whether you're looking for a true groveller or a more traditional twin fin Mini Simmons, we can cater for all surfers and conditions.

This particular Mini Shimmons has been designed with tradition in mind and carries the classic glassed on twin fin system, with the fins themselves lovingly shaped by hand, in California by Rainbow Fin Co.

  • Features: 5'11" X 22" X 2 5/8"
  • Off white resin tint
  • Speed coat finish
  • Glassed on twin fins by Rainbow fins in California

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